post September 14, 2020

New York Fashion Week kickoff event: RUNWAY OF DREAMS!

Tonight’s the night! Be sure to get signed up to watch the New York Fashion Week kickoff event: RUNWAY OF DREAMS! “Runway of Dreams produces national runway shows that celebrate people’s differences, break down stereotypes and empower people with disabilities with confidence, independence and style.” A fantastic event – check it out! Plus Lauren and I will be performing BIG LOVE! Watch tonight at 5pm PT (8pm ET). Register now:

runway of dreams


post September 5, 2020

Runway of Dreams

Really excited to be a part of Runway of Dreams virtual fashion show at NY Fashion Week! Thank you Tommy Hilfiger for these fantastic clothes! #leadwithlove #celebrateuniqueness #nyfashionweek #BigLove Make a difference!

Photo by Lauren Monroe


post August 6, 2020

The secret to Big Love’s big sound? Drums! (And bagpipes 😀)

Was great recording with these fantastic drummers! 🙂


post July 31, 2020

Jeff Elwood

Here’s my good friend… Jeff Elwood (a.k.a. The Wheelchair Drummer). He’s an inspiration to us all!
(‍‍​: ),-<


post July 24, 2020

Rock Titan Music Television

On Friday at 11am PT (2pm ET), you can catch Lauren and I broadcast live on Rock Titan Music Television! It’ll feature the Making of Big Love and then a full interview session by Scott. Tune in to catch it live or, if you miss it, the recorded session will be available later. Rock on!

Rock Titan TV


post July 17, 2020

BIG LOVE Lyric Video

The BIG LOVE lyric video is out today! Now you can sing along like you know you want to! 👄 😍


post June 30, 2020

Big Love

Stream + Download Big Love

EP out July 10th.

Lauren Monroe - BigLove

Lauren writes:

“Big Love” is about the potential in all of us. We all differ by gender, by sexual orientation, the color of our skin, and by our individual ideology, ethnicity and spiritual guidance. We are, however, a singular humanity. We truly are: BIG LOVE.

Directed by Shaun Monson, “Big Love” is a song I felt I had to write and record. It’s my anthem and I trust it. The album breaks on July 10th 2020 and is available for pre-order today. It represents my heart and my soul, and defines this moment in time. Hopeful. Strong. Healing.