Art has been a passion of mine since I was a boy. Now I am bringing my visual expression to life with paint, light, and canvas.

My life has been a journey of transformation and my art is a reflection of the many experiences, perceptions, and dreams that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Each piece has a story and a connection to my life. From my roots in England, teen rock stardom, the traumatic car accident, moving to America, travels around the globe, my family and to my deep connection to wounded warriors and their struggle to heal—it’s all in these visual creations.

When I’m feeling supported and connected and I’m helping others, it gives me an incredible amount of energy. To keep my passion alive I have to be continually taking risks to grow and become a better person, as well as taking risks in the creation of visual art. When I make art, I’m saying something about this passion that is impossible to communicate with words.

My Heart

Inspiration for my art comes from my heart. From all that I’ve seen, felt, and experienced. Teaching and learning with wounded warriors, discovering how to express myself, how to heal, how to be vulnerable and brave. Watching my children grow, being married to an amazing woman… So many things… My life inspires me.

Angel And Icons

Making art for me has given me a new way to express myself. It’s been fantastic and I am looking forward to continuing exploring new creations. To see the art pieces for the Angel and Icons Exhibit go to the Wentworth Gallery website or watch the video clip below.

    Rick Allen’s Art to Wear

    I’ve always been into different and interesting jewelry, bags and clothing. I identify with specific pieces and love that they represent my life.



        Rock on Canvas

        Rick has become a pioneer in a new medium, utilizing drumsticks and rhythm to create abstract visuals on canvas in collaboration  with visual art team SCENEFOUR, of Los Angeles, CA.

          Behind the Scenes


          Much of my art gets signed on my dining room table at home. It’s awesome to connect with others in such a personal way.


          When someone has my art hanging on their wall it’s like they have a piece of my spirit that will still be around long after I’m gone.

          Art Work

          Presenting my artwork is like an unveiling of places inside me that I rarely ever speak about.