post December 23, 2020

Big Love Benefit Concerts

Lauren writes: With the blow that COVID-19 took on the live music industry, Rick and I realized there’s such a need for support in the music community especially around production workers and stagehands – we had to do something! We partnered with Sound Image Studios and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to set up a virtual concert benefiting those whose jobs have been affected. Without our music venues and these wonderful people, we wouldn’t have the music experience that we need and brings us all together. This event is for them! ❤️🎶

Get tickets here:


post November 12, 2020

Veteran’s Day 2020

They deserve much more than just a single day, but today we are reminded of and thank all of our veterans everywhere for the sacrifices that so many of them have made. I love you and I thank you!


post October 20, 2020

Big Love Benefit Concert

Join us on (Date to be determined): purchase a ticket for the Big Love Benefit Concert, buy exclusive merchandise, pledge a donation, and bid on a coveted rock-celebrity donated items to help support the cause. The Big Love Benefit Concert will not only bring financial and mental health support to our music industry family, but offer to the world a star-studded musical healing event that will reach your heart and inspire your soul.

All proceeds will benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which provides financial assistance to our industry and helps provide funding of basic needs and mental health services.


post September 14, 2020

New York Fashion Week kickoff event: RUNWAY OF DREAMS!

Tonight’s the night! Be sure to get signed up to watch the New York Fashion Week kickoff event: RUNWAY OF DREAMS! “Runway of Dreams produces national runway shows that celebrate people’s differences, break down stereotypes and empower people with disabilities with confidence, independence and style.” A fantastic event – check it out! Plus Lauren and I will be performing BIG LOVE! Watch tonight at 5pm PT (8pm ET). Register now:

runway of dreams


post September 5, 2020

Runway of Dreams

Really excited to be a part of Runway of Dreams virtual fashion show at NY Fashion Week! Thank you Tommy Hilfiger for these fantastic clothes! #leadwithlove #celebrateuniqueness #nyfashionweek #BigLove Make a difference!

Photo by Lauren Monroe


post August 6, 2020

The secret to Big Love’s big sound? Drums! (And bagpipes 😀)

Was great recording with these fantastic drummers! 🙂