I can’t imagine who I would be today without music. Music is a journey, an expression and a way to connect. It’s a gift that touches every human being.

DEF LEPPARD IRVINE LIVE 0060Playing drums rocks. But for me it’s also about mastering the art of mindfulness. Every time I play I learn how to connect my body and mind in a new way. It’s a continuous practice of being a conduit for power, for humility, and for the massive energy of a live audience.

Drumming is my meditation, my art, my spirituality.

Surviving a car accident and losing my arm could have destroyed my life. Instead it led me on an unexpected path of finding my deepest strength.

DEF LEPPARD VEGAS SOUNDCHECK 2332Def Leppard fans give me so much support. I will never forget the cards, letters and gifts that came to my house after the accident. The outpouring of love and care made the option of giving up impossible.

With so much encouragement and a lot of hard work, I was eventually back on stage again, drumming better than ever before. But the emotional injuries from the accident were still hidden inside of me. I ran from them for many years until finally I confronted and slayed the dragon within.




The art of music, the practice of drumming, the cosmic dance with the audience—these are the passions that have kept me alive and still keep me going, night after night.


The Inspiration

What keeps me inspired, is how connected drumming makes me feel. Although playing to an arena full of people watching is the best thing in the world, I don’t need that to get in touch. I can sit on my own with a drum and tap into every person who has ever been to a show, every person I’ve ever met, family and friends far away, and people who have crossed over. The rhythm connects me to them all and I breathe and relax and play. I feel oneness with everything.



The Work

Being a working drummer means every day my mind and body have to be ready to rock! I have to stay healthy and positive, which means eating organic, non-GMO, and plant-based. I do physical workouts, meditate daily, and take time for myself outdoors.


Behind the Scenes

The Behind the Scenes of my musical life is where everything happens. It’s the most entertaining, crazy, and noteworthy part of my artistic life.


Backstage antics have always been a part of the Def Leppard story and still continue to this day. There are many people from the band, crew, guests, and family who create the backstage vibe and make the experience entertaining to say the least….

Looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

On the Road

On tour it’s not just about the music, it’s about being able to sustain the demands of mind and body. Bands like us that have been touring for almost 40 years have turned this into almost a science. Staying healthy is a primary focus for me so I can keep drumming and touring the way that I do.


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