One of the most inspiring things about Rick Allen is to see him giving back. That’s why we included this page to show you all the ways Rick reaches out and helps heal and inspire others.

The Team


SanAntonioServing others is just a part of my life, it’s a way that I can create change. It isn’t always about giving money to a cause; to me it’s about giving of myself. We all have gifts that will help others that can make a difference. My life experience is mine, so I share it with my heart to help others heal. Funny thing is that when I open up and help others, I receive the healing too.


Project Resiliency

Project Resiliency reaches out to individuals going through times of change and adversity through innovative programs that heal and bring hope.

The Work

Warrior Resiliency 
Living Resiliency
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The Foundation

In 2001, Rick and his wife Lauren founded the Raven Drum Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Raven Drum’s mission is to educate and empower individuals and communities in crisis through healing arts programs, drumming events, and collaborative partnerships.

Project Resiliency is a program funded by the Raven Drum Foundation created to bring healing to all people.

Rick and Lauren’s resiliency programs have reached people across the United States, Mexico, England, and Haiti and have brought drumming and holistic healing approaches to mothers and children of domestic violence, cancer patients, boys and girls in juvenile correction facilities, special needs children, and wounded warriors and their families.

The Power of the Drums

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Raven Drum Foundation: Community Support


Raven Drum Foundation: Wounded Warriors Families Support






From the very beginning we created events and workshops from the desire to empower others through a meaningful shared experience of music and community.

Still inspired by the early days, Raven Drum Foundation continues to grow and change expanding through the inspiring people we serve.

Every day brings an opportunity to change. We all need each other to heal. Reach out, connect and create a better world.