Over the years my camera has been one of my best friends.


After losing my arm, photography became very important to me. Being out in nature, exploring different cities and people through the lens of a camera I found a new way to see the world and to express myself.

A way of having a voice without saying a word, my photographs seem to express my deepest thoughts and emotions. The subtle lines in a face, the way the sun shines on a leaf in the morning. Even something as ordinary as a phone booth or a bottle cap can become meaningful through the eye of a camera. Photographs seem to have hidden messages in them for me. The more I take pictures the more I learn about perception and how it changes everything, in photography and in life.


There is something very special about the second before you click the shutter button and take a shot, a moment where time is suspended.

I could be on a busy sidewalk in Times Square or standing in the middle of a herd of cows in India and looking through the lens I still feel that stillness.



Got to love this shot, which is classic India. I was in Chennai and was trying to take a photo of a cow getting on a moped when a pot-and-pan armadillo flew by on a bicycle.

Close-Up 1:1

Photography can capture moments that ordinarily fly by us unnoticed in real time.


Photography helps get me out in nature. Being outdoors and taking photographs is a great way to feel calm and happy.


When I’m immersed in the outdoors it’s easy to find that still place within myself where I feel like I am completely a part of my surroundings.


My camera is always with me backstage and during concerts… You never know what you might see…