Q&A Session With Fans

My crew/assistant that helps run my VIP ACCESS group will be broadcasting live over there today at 1pm PT (4pm ET) – doing a little Q&A session that fans have asked him about me and the band. He tells me that he’s answering these ones today:

1. His favorite soundcheck (and he’s been to a lot of them!)
2. When he’s seen me mad? (I’m a little worried about this one – I guess we’ll see what he says!)
3. How he started working with me. (I love to embarrass him with that story!)

All of my VIP ACCESS members can watch it live or watch the saved version later. If you aren’t a member yet, you can join up here: https://rickallen.com/product/vip-access-with-rick/ Once you’ve joined, you can request access to the private VIP ACCESS Facebook Group! As always, a portion of all membership proceeds go to support Raven Drum and people in crisis. It’s just a little something I do to reward my biggest supporters. Thank you all!