post November 11, 2022

Happy Veterans Day To You!

My love and thanks go out to all Veterans who have served – and also to those who love and support them!

💜 A very Happy Veterans Day to you. My wife Lauren Monroe and I – along with the Raven Drum Foundation – continue our mission to provide trauma recovery & healing for veterans. We therefore gladly announce that our 2nd annual #12DrummersDrumming auction has just gone LIVE today!

Please visit to sign up and bid! Big thanks to all of the fantastic drummers who joined our mission to honor and support Veterans! 🙏


post November 12, 2021

Veterans Day

I try to think of and thank our Veterans every day, but an extra thank you to each of you today for your service!

Remember that we have a charity auction in progress from today through the 22nd to help in Raven Drum Foundation‘s mission to provide trauma recovery and healing for veterans and to help reduce the rate of suicide. Stop by daily to see the newly added items available for bid. 👍


post November 12, 2020

Veteran’s Day 2020

They deserve much more than just a single day, but today we are reminded of and thank all of our veterans everywhere for the sacrifices that so many of them have made. I love you and I thank you!


post November 11, 2018

Veterans Day

On Veterans Day today, I ask that you watch this short video concerning our homeless vets. If you are near the Carmel Valley area, I hope that you will join us for the concert on November 17th at the Folktale Winery to help raise funds for programs to help them. If you can’t make that, please just be aware of this growing problem and find other ways to support our veterans in need.

I thank all of our Veterans for their sacrifices and continue to support programs designed to help those of them in need.

Tickets for the Saturday concert are available now – along with opportunities to upgrade to be a VIP Guest and spend some extra time with me along with some other bonuses. I hope you can join us!