learning principle

Self-education is good. And what it provides is just as important. It strengthens self-confidence. After all, in my opinion, confidence in the future is the main component of a good future. And in the future, no matter how you look at it, the main thing is well-being. It holds everything together. Including the people on whom the lives of those around them depend.

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Although these self-education and self-improvement, of course, cannot be reduced to only one thing – self-development. Though I guess it is, too. But personally, as such, as a citizen, as a man, as a father raising children and grandchildren, I am most interested in the direction in which I myself try to develop. I am proud of the way I teach, the way I learn, the way I teach.

I am writing this book because I want it not to remain just a book, albeit a good reference book. It won’t be just humor and worldly wisdom, and I would really like it to be considered not just a book about horoscopes, but a reference book that you can look into to learn how to use your own energy, how to learn new things, how to become smarter, learn how to use time properly, how to build relationships properly, how to be successful.

As we grow up, life around us changes. And sometimes not for the better. And in order to adapt to these changes, so that in the future we don’t get into the same situations that we saw in our childhood, but were not prepared for them, you need not just sit in one place for a long time. You have to change yourself. Because all processes in the world are directed towards development and change, otherwise nobody would evolve. But at the same time, all processes and phenomena have their inertia and there are laws which should support this changing stability.

It is on how properly and effectively we use our capabilities that our lives depend. I believe that self-education is necessary first of all for oneself. Of course, you can also go to a professional master – he can help you better figure out what you want. But I’m sure that in any case you have to develop yourself. That is mostly true for me – I am developing my consciousness and understanding of the world around me. And so far I am doing very well. So I can recommend everyone not only to read this book and find out what they were actually born under different zodiac signs, how and who they will become in the future.